Own a Share of Vancouver Community Solar Energy Project

Solshare Energy is once again offering an opportunity to own a share of a solar energy plant based in Vancouver.  Shares in this round are available starting January 15th.  A limited number of shares are available.

A 27 kW solar energy plant is currently being built and is the second in Solshare’s portfolio. Funds raised will be used to purchase this plant. Electricity produced from the plant will be sold and the owners will receive dividends based on those sales.

Solshare currently operates one solar energy plant that has been in production for two years. Three rounds of dividends have been paid to investors. For the current funding round a minimum of $1,000 is need for investment. Funds must be received before January 24th.

“We’ve talked to many people who want to support solar energy but either don’t own a suitable house or can not afford the full up-front investment. This is a great way for those people to own solar energy and receive some financial benefits.” says Solshare Energy co-founder Rob Baxter.

Solshare will be holding an open house at their offices on January 15th from 11 AM to 4 PM. This will be a chance for potential investors to ask questions and get help filling out the forms required to invest.

About Solshare Energy

Solshare Energy is BC’s first cooperatively owned community solar energy project. Solshare’s plan is to own a portfolio of renewable energy installations throughout BC that will engage BC residents and offer financial, social, and environmental returns. Solshare Energy is a project of Vancouver Renewable Energy Co-operative (VREC).

Financial statements and documents for potential investors are available at Solshare Energy’s website: solshare.ca

2 thoughts on “Own a Share of Vancouver Community Solar Energy Project

  1. I have a question about ownership – is there a way to track energy produced and match dividend payments to our particular ownership portion? i.e. How transparent is the back end with regards to solar production and payment settling? Thanks.

    1. Yes, you can view real-time and historic energy production of all systems here: http://www.solshare.ca/plants/
      The “Long Term Financial Planning Document” will show the both the historic and projected energy production along with the dividends paid for each year. Updated versions of this document can be found on the Investor Package page.
      Each time dividends are paid shareholders get an email telling them specifically how many kWh have been generated from their share.

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