Who is Investing in Solshare?

Monday we had an open house at our offices and we got to meet some of our new investors.

One woman had recently purchased an electric vehicle (EV) and was wanting to offset the additional electrical consumption that the vehicle would need.  Since she is a renter installing a solar on her roof is not an option.

This sparked a lively conversation with another visitor who is an EV enthusiast. In the end she purchased enough shares to generate about 2,000 kWh annually.  This will likely cover her modest vehicle usage.

Rendering of our newest Vancouver plant.
Rendering of our newest Vancouver plant.

Another guest talked about her efforts to divest from the fossil fuel industry. She was excited to be able to invest in local renewable energy.

A mechanical engineer with experience in the solar energy industry also stopped by and became an investor. He had some good technical questions about both our current plant and our plans for expansion.

If you would like to join these people and invest in local renewable energy you have until January 24th.  Review the documents at http://www.solshare.ca/investor-package/ to get started.