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The Solar Revolution is Here

Solshare Energy is running a series on the solar revolution all over the world to help BC residents better understand why solar power is coming to a roof near you, why it’s viable here and how you can take advantage of its growth.  But what exactly are renewable and non-renewable” sources and why are they viable today? In this blog we’ll look at various energy sources, some we already use in our daily lives that can be both renewable and non-renewable. Let’s take a look at some of the different varieties.

Types of Energy Sources

Fossil fuels: the dominant source of energy in the world, formed by the sun over millions of years. Fossil fuels are a hydrocarbon that sit below the earth’s surface that are eventually converted into crude, natural gas and coal.

Wind: generated in part from the sun by heating the air which changes air pressure and generates power using wind turbines both on land and sea.

Hydropower: the dominant energy source for electricity in British Columbia created by dams that use the force of water.

Tidal: a form of hydropower that uses the gravitational effect from the moon and sun creating motion by the water and is often used in the ocean.

Geothermal: generated by the earth’s heat much like geysers, volcanoes and hot springs.

Solar: is derived from the sun’s heat and light. It’s also the only source of energy that produces every other energy we currently use. Solar power is International Energy Agency said solar power could be the number one source of electricity on earth by 2050. (Source).

You may have noticed that the common thread among these forms of energy is they all depend on the sun’s power. Harnessing the sun’s power to generate electricity is nothing new. But the solar revolution that’s occurring all over the world is happening for one major reason: the price of solar panel has dropped drastically in thirty-years making the technology accessible and profitable.

In the next issue in our series on the solar revolution we’ll talk about how solar power works and why it’s reliable and viable for BC residents today.

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