Parc Elise Condominium Project

Buildings are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. While more and more real estate developers seek to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings, they face the challenge of high development costs. Onsite solar generation is often identified as an attractive green building feature, yet cut from plans due to budget constraints. 

For the 102-unit Parc Elise condominium and townhouse development, partnering with SolShare was the ideal solution –enabling installation of a 28-KW solar system without any up-front capital expenditures to the developers. SolShare Energy works by bringing together a community of investors who fund solar installations and maintenance by VREC. SolShare’s investors continue to receive annual dividends on this investment (as well as dividends from the Cedar Cottage project). 

In addition to delivering a reliable source of renewable energy to the residents of Parc Elise, the solar project contributed to achievement of LEED Gold green building certification. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification recognizes solar and other onsite renewable energy systems as contributors to  green building design and performance, and many Vancouver residents value the opportunity to live in greener buildings. 


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